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L2VPN interworking Ethernet to Frame Relay

Internetwoking is a feature on L2VPN that makes possible to connect an ethernet interface to a frame relay interface for example. Not sure if this is in the scope of the CCIE but I fell on it while studying L2TPv3. We are going to configure an internetworking between R1 and R9, R1 will be on ethernet and R9 on frame relay. The topology is still based on the CsC ...

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Frame relay switching

In my back to the basis ... The frame relay switching ... Not much used nowadays but still in the CCIE! Frame relay switching is very straightforward, first you need to enable frame relay switching globally (more…)

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When configuring ISIS over NBMA networks (such as ATM or FR) don't forget that you probably configured static mapping such as For ATM (more…)

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