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MPLS Forwarding Adjacency

Sometimes it can be useful to set up a MPLS Traffic Engineering tunnel between sites, but did you ever notice that by default the IGP will not consider those tunnels for traffic ? Did you ever try to change the OSPF cost of tunnel to force it to take traffic ? And it didn't work right ? Lets check that. We have a 7 routers setup, R1 and R7 will never be able to ...

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MPLS Traffic Engineering Affinity

We saw in a previous post how to set up a basic MPLS Traffic Engineering tunnel, we used explicit and dynamic path which worked very well but explicit path don't scale well and dynamic is too hazardous (you don't really know where your traffic goes). Hopefully for us the MPLS Traffic Engineering guys thought about it and added a function called MPLS Traffic Engine...

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MPLS traffic engineering

Covering the basics, how to set up a MPLS traffic engineering tunnel. In our example I'll be running ISIS as IGP and a 4 routers topology. Diagram Step 1: configure MPLS MPLS configuration is straightforward Globally (more…)

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