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Technorati claiming …

You know the procedure, if you want to add your blog to Technorati you have to insert the claim token in some posts ... Well my claim token is MMSGJNV95SR6 If you're in the process of adding your blog to technorati don't forget that!

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Dedicated or shared photoblog?

I was wondering what choice to make concerning the photo part of this blog... Two options here. First on is to add a photo section to this blog and mix it with all the other stuff. The main advantage of doing this is obvious only one place to manage and maintain. In terms of SEO no need to tweak another website to have a "not-so-bad" ranking. The main problem is ...

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404 errors in Google webmaster tools

Since I've redone the whole website I'm getting lots of 404 errors which is expected. What I was less expecting is the 404 errors in Google webmaster tools for the new URLs!! It looks like Google tries to get the URLs that are folders with an "index.html" at the end. For example even though http://www.remiphilippe.fr/2010/04/29/bgp-send-label-in-inter-as-scenarios/ ...

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