Who is Remi Philippe?

Creative geek, Innovation fan and Entrepreneur with a pinch of Business skills

Who I am

I’m Remi Philippe, a french-irish, young and creative geek who loves technology, travel and photography. I started my professional life in 2006 as a Network / System / Development Engineer in a tiny ISP before moving to Cisco where I’ve been for the last 5 years, in 2 locations and three roles: Customer Support Engineer for 4 months, Network Consulting Engineer for 2 years (where I got my 2 CCIEs) and now Business Development Manager where I developed new franchises such as datacenter, mobility or video. Since 2011 I’ve evolved my leadership, business and strategy skills through executive mentoring and a Masters Degree in Strategy and Management of International Business @ESSEC.

From an engineering standpoint I have a strong technical expertise in multiple areas (systems, network and software engineering) with multiple vendors giving me a broad vision of technology. From a business standpoint I’m seen as being a very creative and innovative person.

What I do

  1. Create 80%
  2. Code 50%
  3. Take Pictures 40%
  4. Learn 100%

I love building stuff end to end, in 2001 I setup a free mass hosting website (WazZza.Org), which reached 1M unique visitors per months. Open Source & PHP rulez!