Dedicated or shared photoblog?

Posted on May 11, 2010

I was wondering what choice to make concerning the photo part of this blog… Two options here.

First on is to add a photo section to this blog and mix it with all the other stuff. The main advantage of doing this is obvious only one place to manage and maintain. In terms of SEO no need to tweak another website to have a “not-so-bad” ranking. The main problem is that this theme is not adapted for photoblogging.

The second option is to dedicate another wordpress (or pixelpost) for photoblogging and keep this one dedicated to tech / MBA stuff. This is quite a bit of work for theming and setting up a new blog.

After thinking it around I finally decided to go for a dedicated blog for photo, even though it’s more work it makes more sense to have a design oriented to photos (and it’s more fun).

So decision was made, now what software should I use? I played around with PixelPost which is a nice software where you can easily and quickly setup a running blog, more over it’s designed for photoblogging. The other choice is a customized wordpress.

I want to have this photoblog quite interactive so the comments section is important but the blogging features are also quite important, the idea is to post photos, how I made them, did I post process them or not, if I did post process them what did the original one looked like etc … That is not really supported by PixelPost, the blogging part is not developed, it’s more oriented photo so it would need some heavy customizations to make it look how I want it. So it’s decided I’ll go with another wordpress blog, customized for photos and dedicated at another URL –

I’ll target the photoblog to be opened by end of June, and to keep a link between the  two blogs I’ll post here when a new article is out on the photoblog.

Stay tuned in, it’s coming!

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