Has Twitter started advertising?

Posted on June 26, 2010

So far I had never seen an advert on Twitter but today when I logged in to get the latest news look at what I saw… promoted! And promoted by Disney – Pixar

Twitter Promoted By

There is a help link next to the promoted button, it seems they have introduced this on the 16th of June

Update: June 16, 2010
Q. What are “Promoted Trends”?
. Promoted Trends are a new advertising concept we began testing this week; they are an extension of our Promoted Tweets platform. With Promoted Trends, users will see time-, context- and event-sensitive trends promoted by our advertising partners. These Promoted Trends initially appear at the bottom of the Trending Topics list on Twitter and are clearly marked “Promoted.” As conversations about the topic increase, Promoted Trends may move up the list.

Source: Twitter Support

Can’t wait to see if that’s going to take off!

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