iPad revolution or malediction?

Posted on June 21, 2010

I was reading an article of Peter Bregman on the iPad at HBR (read it here). And I must admit I think he’s right.

The point that Peter is trying to make is that having an iPad can make you over-productive. This shouldn’t be bad right? But in fact it is not as good as it seems. When you don’t have anything to do you can take time to think, lets take an example.

I own an iPad (but I’m not ready to return it sorry Peter). I have it with me all the time, except this evening where I lent it to a colleague. That’s when Peter’s post made the more sense to me. Driving back home I hadn’t the radio on as I was on the phone this morning when I drove to the office and I was stuck in a traffic jam, usually what I do is just take my iPad and start wandering on the net while I’m stuck. What did I do instead? Reflect on my day, what I did compared to what I had to do, what I forgot (believe it, I used paper to write it down! :)), who I had to call the next day, …

The result? All those things I took time to think about didn’t start turning in my head as I arrived home. I had had the time to clear up my word day and when I arrived home, I really felt “home” not “word from home”.

Would it have been different if I had my iPad? Yes! Clearly, I would be playing around with it all evening until I went to bed and once in bed I would have started thinking about my workday and it would have bugged my sleep.

Would I change my iPad now? No! But I think I have to get a reasonable use of it (for example not bringing it in front of the TV). It’s still very useful on a workday and on weekends for photography or PERSONAL emails 🙂

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