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BGP send-label in Inter AS scenarios

When playing with the MPLS Inter AS options I was obliged to use the neighbor x.x.x.x send-label command to exchange my label information between to AS. the interesting thing is that depending on how I was send the PE loopbacks in BGP I could loose connectivity between CEs. Lets play around with the send-label command to see how it really works. I built a 6 router ...

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MPLS VPN Carrier Supporting Carrier: The BGP way

As usual when you study CCIE you need to know at least 2 ways to do everything, same for Carrier supporting Carrier (CsC). I know that InterNetwork Expert they say that the chances are slim to have MPLS VPN Carrier supporting Carrier but you never know, it's not the biggest bit of study anyway. MPLS VPN Carrier supporting Carrier Lab Topology So for our setup ...

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Using next-hop-unchanged

After the next-hop-self time to talk about next-hop-unchanged. I couldn't figure out the real life usage of this before I labbed it. In this setup I'll use my interAS topology R1 and R5 will be our route reflectors, they'll be peering through eBGP multihop only for address family vpvn4. R2 and R4 will be our ASBRs they'll peer through eBGP on address family ipv4 ...

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Impact of next-hop-self in BGP

As you know in BGP the next hop will only be changed for eBGP neighbors, iBGP will not change the next hop. The "problem" is that if you didn't advertise in the IGP the link between the eBGP neighbors you'll run into an issue. I built a 6 router topology that will be used for inter-AS MPLS so we'll just use a few routers for the eBGP. (more…)

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BGP conditional advertisement

BGP has a feature called BGP conditional advertisement, the idea of this feature is to have the capability to announce a prefix on specific conditions. Lets say for example that you are dual homed, but you only want to use a provider in last resort (very expensive for example). You can decide to announce your prefixes to the expensive ISP only when the other one is ...

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