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My first guest post… In the Huffington Post

As part of "Le Défi Cisco" I'm had the chance to coach a start-up with a fantastic idea. I was asked to write a post for the Huffington Post to highlight how Handisco's concept fits in the "Internet of Everything". The post was initially written in English for ImpactX: A 'Smart Stick' Puts The Internet of Everything In Service To The Blind and translated to ...

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Has Twitter started advertising?

So far I had never seen an advert on Twitter but today when I logged in to get the latest news look at what I saw... promoted! And promoted by Disney - Pixar There is a help link next to the promoted button, it seems they have introduced this on the 16th of June Update: June 16, 2010 Q. What are "Promoted Trends"? A. Promoted Trends are a new advertising ...

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Why will Apple succeed with video call service

I got my new iPhone 4 yesterday, despite a catastrophic SIM activation (thank you so much Orange...) it's now working. In case you didn't follow what new features were brought in this new version Apple is trying to revive the video conferencing through a feature called FaceTime, but why would they succeed when the video calls never really took off? (more…)

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