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iPad revolution or malediction?

I was reading an article of Peter Bregman on the iPad at HBR (read it here). And I must admit I think he's right. The point that Peter is trying to make is that having an iPad can make you over-productive. This shouldn't be bad right? But in fact it is not as good as it seems. When you don't have anything to do you can take time to think, lets take an exampl...

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Apple iPad – Shipped

Yesterday I had the "Prepared for shipment" status on the US Apple store. Today ... Got an email at 10am "Votre Commande Apple W937XXXXX a été expédiée" and on the Apple Store order status page From the email I got: "Vous devriez recevoir votre commande à l'adresse de livraison communiquée le ou avant le 28.05.2010" that means I should have my iPad on Friday ...

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Apple iPad – Prepared for shipment

Finally ... I pre-ordered my iPad on the 10th of May, early morning french time (8am). I was started to get worried as the iPad was still not shipped but planned for the 28th of May ... I tend to use the Apple store US to track my Apple products as it seems they have an intermediate step "Prepared for Shipment" that there isn't on the French store. I checked out the ...

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