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Have you ever seen a webdesigner at work?

I needed a shot to play around with PhotoShop, Caroline was working next to me so she became the subject :) The idea was to edit the photo in order to have everything in black and white except Caroline and the computer screen. Doesn't look bad, though it's a pity the bottle of water was in front on the screen...

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Picture of the week end – Issy Les Moulineaux

We went walking in Issy les Moulineaux on Sunday to see some apartments location. As usual I tend to go with my camera just in case... When climbing stairs not far from where we live I found this scenery could do a good HDR shot so I gave it a try with 9 shots +1.0ev and here is the result: I find it much nicer than my first shot (by the way I purchased PhotoMatix).

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A skate ramp at the Eiffel Tower?

Today we went to have a look at the "mega jump" of Taig Khris at the Eiffel Tower, he was trying to beat a world record so I took my camera with me to take a few shots... i got a few nice shots when he jumped I also tried my first HDR post processing using Photomatix (trial edition but I'm probably going to get it). I took 9 shots with a spacing of 1.0 and here ...

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Dedicated or shared photoblog?

I was wondering what choice to make concerning the photo part of this blog... Two options here. First on is to add a photo section to this blog and mix it with all the other stuff. The main advantage of doing this is obvious only one place to manage and maintain. In terms of SEO no need to tweak another website to have a "not-so-bad" ranking. The main problem is ...

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Backuping Flickr

I have over 2,000 pictures on Flickr as I used to upload all my pics there. But now I'd like to keep only my best shots over there and keep the familly and other stuff on another private website. I certainly have a backup of them somewhere but how can I be sure ? As I don't want to take any risk such as loosing pictures I wanted to bring them all back on my laptop... ...

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