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Asterisk sRTP with 1.8

In a previous article I explained how to configure Asterisk  sRTP support, but using a development version at the time. Since Asterisk 1.8 there is a native support for sRTP, so no need to have some development version. Moving from development to 1.8 a few things changed in the configuration (not much), here is a quick update Step 1: Pre-Requisites On the sRTP ...

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Asterisk sRTP installation and configuration

In the current release Asterisk does support SIP/TLS but it does not support sRTP, this feature is planned for the next major release 1.8. From the roadmap page you can track the progress and the estimated release dates for this feature: Here is the line that interests us You can find further details on this on bug 0005413 (more…)

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SIPS on Asterisk – SIP security with TLS

As you probably know, VoIP is split into big pieces, the signaling (SIP) and the bearer (payload). SIP is required to setup, terminate, authenticate calls but it doesn't actually transport the voice, the bearer does. Why am I talking about that now? We're starting to play with crypto here and I want to make clear what we will be encrypting. In this article I'm only ...

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