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SIPS on Asterisk – SIP security with TLS

As you probably know, VoIP is split into big pieces, the signaling (SIP) and the bearer (payload). SIP is required to setup, terminate, authenticate calls but it doesn't actually transport the voice, the bearer does. Why am I talking about that now? We're starting to play with crypto here and I want to make clear what we will be encrypting. In this article I'm only ...

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Simultaneous call limitation on Asterisk

Asterisk will be used for our home usage through VPN, but it will be opened to internet as I like connecting with my mac when abroad to make calls (using SIP over TCP with TLS and SRTP once it will be available in Asterisk). I've heard quite a few stories of Asterisk systems behind compromised and resulting with VERY large phone bills (12,000€ to $100,000+). In an ...

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Basic Asterisk configuration

First of the series Asterisk that is oriented on the configuration of Asterisk and the integration with other products such as Microsoft Office Communication Server or Skype we'll start with the basic configuration of Asterisk and the required files to get it started. I'm using a Debian testing (squeeze), so the basic installation is really too much for me, too many ...

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Building a home PBX with Asterisk

My new project, building my own PBX for home. It's geek stuff but the software exists and is opensource so why not go for it? It's just another VM so it won't incur more costs for me. I did have a few requirements for this project: Reduce costs: I want to be able to do least cost routing, meaning select the cheapest VoIP provider for a given destination based on ...

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